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Atlona, a Panduit & Silicon Valley company, is a leading provider of innovative and reliable connectivity solutions to the Audio/Visual and IT markets. Since 2003, Atlona has been designing and engineering award-winning products for a diverse range of residential and commercial Audio Visual solutions.

Moin & Co. started its journey in 2007 as a garments accessories supplier. It has achieved significant business as well as revenue over the last decade from this sector. GMS Knit Composite Ind. Ltd. has been the parent company for Moin & Co. all along giving an umbrella shelter to achieve where it is today.

Moin & Co. is engaged in some upcoming projects related to a multibillion US dollar Halal Industry encompassing Tourism, Trade, Training and Research Co-operation by extending a new department for Korea and Bangladesh business cooperation. Already Moin & Co. has signed an MOU with Halal Korea Co. Ltd. This business also targets market of not only Muslim community but also health conscious people of the world.

Halal is a term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law. All products should be acquired ‘Halal certification’ by public trusted institution. It is essential for penetrate into Muslim market. We also try to raise awareness and disabuse misunderstanding of Halal in Bangladesh.

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